[IG] 170210 WINNERCITY: [JustSoFast] Every week passes by so fast🤔 We don’t know where they went but can’t seem to see our members all day long today in the office😳 Being so curious, we sent a text to the Captain, and he sent this exciting photo of him on his way somewhere with the members on our group chat. Anyway, we wanted to tell you that they are well and busy heehee🤗 Inseos cover up to your faces to stay warm on this freezing Fiery Friday and go homely💙 #Owner0fHoneyPerfectSkinInWINNER #ThereAintAMemberWhoHasntGotHoneyPer fectSkin #HoneySeung #KANGHoney #0nAFieryFridayTEAMWINNERIsOrganizing Receipts #LifeAtTheOffice #GuessWeWontMakeltHomeTonight #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

trans by KNKSLP1025

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