[#W_INSTAGRAM] 161230 WINNERCity’s Instagram Update of SEUNGHOON

[IG] 161230 WINNERCITY: [It’s Friday] Today is the last Friday of this year and it’s the last day to go home from work of this year🙊 #Ahh It’s regretful but it’s a day we need to say goodbye to 2016 so that we can welcome 2017! Our precious ICs, you worked really, really, really hard in 2016💙 As we pray that 2017 will be more fun and more loving to WINNER and INNERCIRCLE, we share with a photo of our Deputy who looks like he is ascending😘 #On this kind of day #we deserve to get off work early #Look at our Deputy #Hooray #His pose kind of looks like we can go home now #Respect #Thank you so much #for giving so much support and energy #to WINNER #and TEAM WINNER #Hooray for ICs

trans by CHRISSY96_


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