Month: April 2016

[#W_HMF] 160430 WINNER in Half Moon Friends Episode 2

160430 WINNER – Half Moon Friends Episode 2 (PART 1 / PART 2)


[#W_HMF] 160429 WINNER in Preview Pictures of Half Moon Friends 2nd Episode

[PHOTO] WINNER – Half Moon Friends Episode 2



[#W_INSTAGRAM] 160430 SEUNGHOON Instagram Update of Haute

[IG] 160430 maetamong: 9:40PM JTBC +Half Moon Friends+ broadcast event later!!! Take a picture showing that you’re watching the broadcast and post on Instagram with the hashtag #반달친구 (Half Moon Friends). Hat teacher’s hats will be sent to 10 random people!!???



[#W_INSTAGRAM] 160430 MINO Instagram Update of Jay From Half Moon Friends

[IG] 160430 realllllmino: Tonight at 9:40PM JTBC Half Moon Friends broadcast!?



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