Month: May 2015

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 150523 Dara Instagram Update with SEUNGYOON

[150523] dara instagram update with seungyoon
안녕하세요!!! 우리느은~~~~~~~~~!!! 강다라에요!!! ✌️✌️
[trans] hello!!! we are~~~~~~~~~!!! kangdara!!! ✌️✌️


[#W_INSTAGRAM] 150526 Microdot Instagram Update with MINO

[150526] microdot instagram update with mino
카페에서 칠링하다가 우연히 마저춘 #미노 #위너 센스있계 오예스한박스를주더라. ㅎㅎ 땡스? Was chillin & ran into Mino from Winner. hooked me up with a box of “OhYes” so i said “OhYes” Thanks


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