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[WINNER FASHION] WINNER TV Episode 7 and teaser for episode 8  Kim Jinwoo and Nam Taehyun both wear Men’s Football Condivo 12 Long Down Jacket in navy/blue by Adidas Football, priced at KRW263,200. The jacket is also available in black/red. Photo: screencaps of the episode (from video by Onewomansubs x WinnerSubs) and the teaser

[WINNER FASHION] WINNER TV Episode 8 teaser Kim Jinwoo wears black Duckdown Padded Parka by Adidas Originals, priced at KRW239,200 Photo: screencap of the teaser

[WINNER FASHION] 131115 – Gimpo airport going to Japan Song Minho wears black/white Nike Airmax 2 Strong, priced at US$149.99 Photo: credit is given to the name appeared in the photo. I’m sorry I couldn’t give proper credit since I don’t have more information on the photo’s owner. Please let me know if any of…

[WINNER FASHION] WINNER TV episode 7, aired on January 24, 2014 Lee Seunghoon wears blue Hubble Goggle by Quiksilver, priced at KRW159,200.. The goggle is also available in yellow and green Photo: screencap of the show by NamsongCouple

Hi all! Please see THIS POST again! i know some of you have reblogged it, but i just updated the items that the boys wear. 🙂 thank you!  

I love your blog !!! ??

hehehe thank you! 🙂 

[WINNER FASHION] WINNER TV episode 6, aired on January 17, 2014 Song Minho wears yellow Hubble Goggle (mirror lens) by Quiksilver, priced at KRW159,200 Photo: screencap of the show (credits given to the names appeared in the screencap)

[WINNER FASHION] WINNER TV episode 7 teaser Kim Jinwoo wears Mission Insulated Snow Jacket by Quiksilver, priced at KRW159,200 and Travis Rice North Pass Gore-Tex 15K Shell Pants, also by Quiksilver, priced at US$349.95  Nam Taehyun wears grey JV Senior Insulated Jacket by Adidas, priced at EUR274.95 Song Minho wears white Firebird 2L One Piece by…

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