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[WINNER FASHION] 131129 – BIGBANG Japan Dome Tour concert in Kyocera Dome, Osaka (Day 1) Lee Seunghoon wears Black Scale x Chase N Cashe Wave God Capsule collection baseball raglan t-shirt Photo by: AeuyTLin

[WINNER FASHION] 131119 – Gimpo airport back from Japan Kim Jinwoo wears Jordan 23/7 FZ Hoodie by Nike, priced at KRW99,000. Also available grey and red. Photo by: Newsen

[WINNER FASHION] 131115 – Haneda airport Lee Seunghoon wears Striped Logo Sweater by Comme Des Garcons Play, priced at US$339.11  Photo by: Tae’s You

[WINNER FASHION] 131129 – okay so Kang Seungyoon (at Gimpo airport going to Osaka, Japan) wore the same brown Boy London jacket as the one he wore at a YG dancer’s wedding ceremony last week. i’ve posted the jacket last week. see the post here

[WINNER FASHION] 131115 – at Incheon airport departing for Japan 131118 – at Shibuya, Japan Kang Seungyoon wears Mummy Jean by Unbounded Awe (Fall/Winter 2011), priced at KRW47,000 (on sale) Photo by: yuichin0610 and Limited W

[WINNER FASHION] Lee Seunghoon wears Quilted Bomber Minivan Jacket by thisisneverthat (Fall/Winter 2013), priced at KRW237,000 and Bucket Hat Minivan by thisisneverthat, priced at KRW56,000 Photo by: WIN Who Is Next Official Facebook Page

[WINNER FASHION] WIN: Who Is Next (New Day and dance performance) Nam Taehyun wears Big Emblem Raglan Shirt Grey Body by Bratson, priced at KRW56,000  Kim Jinwoo and Song Minho wear HC Sign Raglan Shirt Grey Body by Bratson, priced at KRW56,000 Lee Seunghoon wears Thunders and Breakers Raglan Shirt Grey Body by Bratson, priced…

[WINNER FASHION] 131123 – a YG dancer’s wedding ceremony. Kang Seungyoon wears Menz Style BA3LM01 brown jacket by Boy London, priced at KRW196,000. Photo by: a YG dancer’s Instagram account. 

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